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May 06, 2016

The impact influencers can have on your brand are many and varied. They can raise awareness and lift perception. They can help grow a social following. They can even help educate your consumers about the use of your product or service. Here are the 7 key insights I’ve accumulated while working with influencers on a global sun care brand.

April 08, 2015

I had the opportunity to visit this year’s South by Southwest Interactive conference in Austin and it was a pretty mind blowing experience. I felt like I needed to lie down, rest my brain and process it for a few days when I got back. 
It’s extremely challenging to get your head around the extensive programme and find out which talks to prioritise and you constantly feel like you might be missing out on some ground-breaking product launch, celebrity appearance or even just a really interesting talk. After a few days you get a sense of which formats work for you – keynote or panel discussion, high-flying or hands-on – but in the end, what you get out of it is very much down to the specific speaker and fortunately I managed to find a good handful of talks that had the perfect balance of an interesting theme and sympathetic, knowledgeable and inspiring speakers.

March 18, 2015

Every now and again I read an article with a dramatic headline about how Facebook is over and done with. How the kids are no longer using it because their parents are there, and how new and hipper social platforms are taking over.

I really don’t believe that Facebook is dying. Changing? Yes. Dying? No. 

March 06, 2015

The key to creating meaningful content on all channels - and specifically in social media - is to develop a coherent brand experience for the consumer at every touch point by defining the brand, mapping the customer journey, and leveraging key insights about the target group. This way we can identify where brand purpose and customer needs meet to create a narrative that allows us to develop meaningful content for all relevant channels.

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I'm a digital and social media strategist at the Copenhagen based agency Advance. I'm interested in online behaviour, peer to peer interactions, and opportunities and pitfalls of social platforms.